Stressed Asset Advisory

//Stressed Asset Advisory

Stressed Asset Advisory

Sound Solutions for Troubled Assets by Delivering Tougher Stress Tests

With expertise in a full spectrum of financial and operational advisory services, our team works closely with organizations to address the most complex business issues. We believe in providing business and financial solutions with a core realistic approach that is most appropriate to the real life situation.We have experts who have given the advisory services for the following large Companies as Consultants which can add the value and profitability to our clients.

  • Gujarat Optical Cables Ltd.,
  • RHP Cables Ltd.
  • Birla Cotsyn India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Gujarat Telephone Cables Ltd.
  • Hindustan Builders
  • Tera Cab India Pvt. Ltd.
Debt & Capital Advisory

Debt & Capital Advisory

Our Debt & Capital Advisory group advises clients on all aspects of their debt and capital needs, helping borrowers and shareholders alike to achieve their financing objectives.

Business Recovery Services

Business Recovery Services

We offer advisory services to lenders, creditors, companies and individuals in troubled financial situations to help you identify problems, gain cooperation, develop solutions and implement them with ease and precision.

Business Restructuring Services

Business Restructuring Services

In the current market scenario, Business Restructuring Services (BRS) is significant for the followingreasons: Indian promoters averse to equity dilution, Lacklustre equity markets and increasing NPAs making raising capital tougher, Increase in distressed assets and renewed impetus for asset reconstruction companies, Tightened loan restructuring norms.

DCS eases this impact by providing a comprehensive financial restructuring plan after taking various stakeholders into confidence. In addition, we help client in building a platform for financial recovery, reducing financial cost and reorganizing operations.

Assistance to the companies who have great product and potential in medium and long term but today are stuck –up due to last mile capital expenditure or debt servicing obligation. In both the scenario, there is a threat of being labeled as non-performer and a NPA. We help such companies who are facing this “catch-22” situation by structuring the financing products that suits the cash flows.

Structured Financing
Restructuring and One Time Settlement (OTS)

Financial restructuring becomes essential when an organization faces financial turmoil and places the business in jeopardy. Our professionals assist in evaluating the business, the risk and returns, the performance and problems and thereby ensuring speedy implementation of required steps to rebuild your credit and creditability.

Our professional and knowledgeable team assures:
  • Financial and legal due diligence
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Assistance in equity restructuring
  • Rescheduling the term loan payment and substitution of high-cost borrowing with low-cost
  • Negotiating One Time Settlement (OTS)
  • Raising equity and debt through recapitalization to ensure OTS financing
  • Infusion of working capital in turnaround cases as well as funding during pre and post
  • Evaluation of units to ensure medium and long term viability borrowing turnaround scenario.
Restructuring and One Time Settlement
Stressed Assets & Legal Advisory

The key factors in resolution is business realities. stakeholders interest, and most importantly the ability to develop innovative solutions. Our in-depth domain knowledge in the below stated areas have helped us to deliver “Win-All” solutions.

  • Legal and financial due diligence.
  • Assistance in resolution of distressed financial and business assets by taking a structured and shoulder lending approach.
  • Settlement of NPA accounts through negotiations (OTS)
  • Act as an arbitrator between Bank/FIs, ARCs and borrowers to unlock the true value of assets.
  • Corrosive SARFEASI actions by banks
  • Legal advisory for SARFEASI action and DRT proceedings.
  • Devising strategy for stressed assets management and coming out of the situation with clean hands.
  • Advising investors on buying out of distress assets for sale from banks
Stressed assets and Legal Advisory

We provide the services in the domain of valuations of assets which are carried out by the expert technocrats who are approved by Banks, FIs, and Income Tax Department.



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