S Rajat Naidu

/S Rajat Naidu
Rajat Naidu

 S. Rajat Naidu

     Chief Advisore:Strategic Management


 Mobile:+91 94 22 507009


Rajat is a Post Graduate in Business Management with ICMA.

Formerly Group General Manager, of RHP Group of companies. He has more than 25 years of national and international experience with an immaculate blend of experience with leading consulting firms and industries. In the past he was associated with elite consultants like KPMG and BRESCON on one hand and conglomerates like Indo Rama and Bajaj on the other.

He possesses opulent expertise in resolution, reconstruction, and investment in impaired loans and assets and at the same time has exposure to all aspects of corporate finance, debt restructuring, mezzanine financing, growth funding and business re-engineering.